Sedlec Ossuary & Other Things To Do In Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

As you might know, we are huge fans of Prague and loved every minute wandering around this medieval city. However, there is a lot more to the Czech Republic than exploring the narrow busy cobbled streets of Prague. Bohemian Paradise, for example, is one of the best day trips from Prague for nature lovers to explore and hike through the Czech countryside. While on the other hand, the slow city of Kutna Hora will be a lot of fun for history fans. Even though this slow city might be small, you will find quite a few interesting things to do in Kutna Hora to keep you entertained.

City Of Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora, the city of silver, was once a thriving mining town during the 13 century. Now, the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its historical importance and wonderful architecture.

Nevertheless, what really attracts travellers to this city is the world’s best-known bone church, attracting over 200,000 people a year.

In this post below, we have put together a short list of things to do in Kutna Hora.

Things To Do In Kutna Hora

Visit The Church Of Bones

Visiting the Sedlec Ossuary is probably the most popular of all things to do in Kutna Hora. To be honest, it is the main reason why we took a day trip from Prague to this region of Bohemia.

Known as the church of bones, the Sedlec Ossuary is a small chapel situated in a cemetery beneath the gothic style Church of All Saints. Inside are the remains of around 40,000 people who perished during the plague in 1318 and the Hussite wars in 15th century.

Bone Angle Things To Do In Kutna Hora

Before then, many people had wished to be buried in the Sedlec Cemetery. Stories had spread across Europe of an Abbot from the Sedlec Monastery who had scattered “holy soil” from Golgotha in Jerusalem over the cemetery grounds.

After the plague and Hussite wars, the cemetery became full and bodies were soon moved into the crypt to make room for the newly dead.

In 1870, the Schwarzenberg family employed woodcarver Frantisek Rint to artfully arrange the thousands of bones to its present arrangement.

In the centre of the ossuary hangs the famous bone chandelier, featuring every bone in the body at least once. Each arm from the chandelier is made from human vertebrate mounted with skulls on top. To either side, you have two hanging bone shape angles.

In the four corners of the crypt are four huge bell-shaped mounds, make up most of the 40,000 bones. Other features include bone chalices, baroque candelabras, monstrance, an altar, and a large coat of arms of the Schwarzenberg family.

We found the crypt not to be creepy at all inside but rather peaceful.

Cost: 90CZK / 4$

Assumption Of Our Lady Cathedral

Only a short walk from the Sedlec is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Assumption of Our Lady Cathedral. Built during the 1300’s, the cathedral was once burnt to the ground in the 15th century by the Hussites.

After almost 300 years, this French Gothic style church got its baroque-gothic style facelift during the remoulding in 1709.

Inside, you will have a chance to explore and discover one of the oldest Gothic monstrances in the world. Near the altar in the “inner circle” is spiral staircase you can take all the way to the top. From here you can explore through the attic passageway to a balcony overlooking the cathedral below.

Inside Assumption Of Our Lady Things To Do In Kutna Hora

In our opinion, we didn’t find the Assumption of Our Lady to be all that impressive. Well, not as impressive as the next cathedral on our list of things to do in Kutna Hora. But with it being just a stone throw away from the Sedlec Ossuary, it’s worth a visit.

Cost: 50 CZK / 2.20$

St. Barbara’s Cathedral

Over on the other side of Kutna Hora, you will find the dramatic St. Barbara’s Cathedral. Being another one of Kutna Hora’s UNESCO World Heritage Site’s, St. Barbara is one of the most famous Gothic Cathedrals in Europe.

St. Barbara's Cathedral Things To Do In Kutna Hora

Sat high upon a hilltop, this cities iconic figure can be seen from many vantage points. Taking over 500 years to build the cathedral was designed to be twice the size as it stands today. But due to wars and financial difficulties, St. Barbara’s Cathedral was finally completed in 1905.

Inside, walk around and admire the beautiful detailed stained windows and Renaissance paintings along the walls. When you’re finished, climb the stairs for a view of the cathedrals well-maintained garden below.

Cost: 60 CZK / 2$

Note: You can purchase a combined ticket to see all three mentioned sights above for 185 CZK 8$.

Czech Museum Of Sliver Hradek

Unfortunately, we didn’t get too thick this off our list of things to do in Kutna Hora due to it getting late. Considering though, Kutna Hora was once a thriving silver mining city, a visit to the silver museum is a must.

There are two tours you can choose to do or you can combine them both. The first route takes you back to the early days of the gold rush. Along the tour, you will learn about the history of Kutna Hora during the medieval times and its silver mint.

Along the second route, you follow the processing of the raw silver through a replica mine. You will get to see the medieval equipment and powered mining machine once used. You will also get a chance to explore its original 250m long medieval mine.

Cost: Route One 70 CZK / 3$

Route two 120 CZK / 5.20$

Combine Both Routes 140 CZK / 6$

How To Get To Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora is 83 km east of Prague and takes around one hour to reach by train. Trains leave from Prague’s main railway station (Hlavni nadrazi) every hour.

You can either book your train tickets at the station or online at, costing 180 CZK (7.90$) return per person.

Have you ever been to this part of Bohemia before? What were your favourite things to do in Kutna Hora? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Seldec Ossuary And Other Thing To Do In Kutna Hora

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  1. I love Kutna Hora! I’ve always thought the Sedlec Ossuary as rather peaceful – then again, when I die, I’d much rather my bones be made into a beautiful chandelier than left to decompose in a box…

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