Our Very First Blog Post

Woooohoooo, after almost eleven weeks since getting our domain, we are finally writing our very first blog post.

As we mentioned in our About Us page, the idea of starting our own travel blog came alive when we were still in Sulawesi, Indonesia. But it wasn’t until after a visit back home, and after we bought our domain name, that the idea became reality.

A Lake Wicklow, Ireland
Our visit back home, Guinness Lake in Wicklow, Ireland

Instead of staying in cold Europe for the winter and working on our new project, we decided to head back to sunny Thailand.

Heading to Thailand

Landing in Thailand, we made our way down south to Koh Tao. Now, Koh Tao is probably not everyone’s digital nomad destination, but it is our home away from home. We have spent so much time on this island in the past, and have made some really close friends. So you’ll probably notice, we’ll mention Thailand and Koh Tao quite a bit.

beautiful white beach and blue sea, Koh tao
One of many Koh Tao’s beautiful beaches

Not having any idea on how to start a blog, we imagined we had a bit of work ahead of us before we could start writing. We had so many questions. How do we want our website to look? How do we use WordPress? What the hell is all this SEO and keyword stuff that we keep hearing about? And a lot more question to add to that.

Not Much Luck on Koh Tao

Arriving on Koh Tao, all excited about the road ahead, we were stopped in our tracks before we could even start. We mean, LITERALLY stopped in our tracks.

flooded road
Roads and beach bar’s washed away

Koh Tao had just been hit with torrential rain. Roads were been washed away, trees were falling down, and streets were flooded up to your waist in some areas. It was one of the worst storms on Koh Tao in a long time. With little or no internet due to the storm, we weren’t really getting much done. So we made a decision to head north.

Flood road, Koh Tao
7/11 still going strong

Our Time in Pai

Flying into Chiang Mai, we went straight to the Arcade Bus Station, hoping to catch the last bus for Pai. Although Chiang Mai itself is known as a land for digital nomads with cheap accommodation, food, and its great wifi, it was in Pai where our hearts lay.

wooden bunglow Pai, Thailand
Our little home with everything we need

After all, Pai is very special to us, as this is where we met almost three years ago. And on the plus side, Pai is as cheap as Chiang Mai for accommodation, food, and the internet is just as good. Not to mention, you are surrounded by mountains, lush green rice paddies, and beautiful sunsets.

rice paddy
Blooming rice paddies in Pai

Now that we had our perfect location, it was time for us to start working on our blog. The next six to seven weeks, we spent designing our website, watching YouTube videos, and reading article after article on WordPress and SEO. Right now, we are still not sure if we actually understand SEO.

To Our First Blog Post

Now still in Pai, we are writing our very first blog post, excited about what will happen in the future and where this blog is going to take us. We know we still have a lot to learn along the way. But we are looking forward to our new life as digital nomads, and being part of this great community.

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