Free Travel Apps To Download While On The Road

Since we have been on the road, we have downloaded a lot of free travel apps to find the cheapest accommodation, flights and to keep us moving in the right direction. These apps have been very helpful while travelling, saving us time and money in the past.

Here we share with you a list of our most useful free travel apps to download, which will certainly help you out during your travels.

Check out our full list of essential travel items we can’t travel without, saving us a few pennies along the way.


Airbnb gives you a unique opportunity to book great private accommodation from around the world, at the best prices. This free travel app is not only perfect for booking private rooms, but also for booking whole apartments at a cheap price in your dream destination.

What we love most about Airbnb is, it gives us a chance to meet and to live with locals, while learning more about their culture. And on top of that, unlike hotels or some guesthouses, you also have the use of a kitchen, saving you a few dollars a day on meals.

Airbnb is taking over the hotel industry and will become one of your most-used free travel apps while on the road. Operating in 191+ countries and with over 3,000,000 listings in 65000+ cities, you are sure to find something you love.

Airbnb Free Travel Apps To Download

Note: If you would like to sign up to Airbnb and get up to 35€ of your first booking, you can use our link here.


Agoda is one of the largest online hotel websites and is also available as an app. In comparison to other hotel booking websites, the Agoda App always gives us slightly better prices on private rooms.

Once we booked a hotel room in Malaysia for one night. When we arrived at the hotel, we noticed that the price for the room was a lot more expensive than on Agoda. So we decided not to extend through reception but instead booked more nights on the Agoda App. Although we didn’t save us millions, it did save us a few dollars.

Dublin hotels on Agoda app Free Travel Apps To Download

Because we mostly book private rooms as there is two of us, we use Agoda quite often. But for dorm rooms, we would normally use or

Tip: Sign up to Agoda’s free membership and save yourself some additional costs.

Google Maps

Who doesn’t know Google Maps? This amazing navigation app gives you exact directions to your destination in many countries all over the world. With a voice guided GPS system Google Maps is the perfect free travel app to download for directions around a new country/city by foot or by car. It even gives live updates on traffic information, so you can take an alternative route easily without being stuck in a traffic jam. In selected countries, you can also use Google Maps to find public transport to and from your location.

Tip: If you are using your hostels or hotels WiFi and don’t have a local SIM card, you can pre-load your route on the map, and use the app offline on the go.

Google maps app Free Travel Apps To Download

Google Translate

Google Translate is available in 103 languages and works offline. For translation you can either type, speak or take a photo of a text. Travelling to a new country, it is a great free travel app to download to help you find the words to converse with locals, order something to eat or to read signs. Google Translate is not always going to be 100% perfect, but the app is more than enough to get by.

Google Translate app Free Travel Apps To Download


The Grab app is the fastest taxi or private car booking service in Southeast Asia. With a large number of drivers, you will be picked up in minutes. While you are waiting, you can actually watch the car on your phone making its way towards you. A big bonus is that this app gives you the exact fare for the ride before you even book.

We only found out about Grab earlier this year while we were in Penang, Malaysia, waiting for our Thai Visa. Without Grab, we would have paid three times the amount to the airport compared to a normal taxi.


Pocket is one of our favourite free travel apps and one that can be used offline. This app lets you save articles from your browser, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Which means if you come across a great article, but just don’t have the time to read, you can save it to your device and open it anytime later.

We mostly save new articles before travelling. That way we can read them while in transit to a new destination.

The Pocket app Free Travel Apps To Download


Skyscanner is a huge search engine website for flights, that can also be downloaded as an app. This travel app covers hundreds of airlines from budget to scheduled flights, giving you the best fares on the cheapest flights to anywhere in the world. Completely free to use, it redirects you to other flight booking engines or airlines without taking any commission. What we like most about Skyscanner is that we can view not only daily but also monthly chart views, checking out prices for different dates.

Tip: You can also set alerts to keep track of certain flights as prices go up or down, book hotels or hire a car.

The skyscanner app Free Travel Apps To Download

Trip Advisor

Alina can spend hours on Trip Advisor reading reviews about new places, things to do, and what/where to eat. We did notice that some travellers will complain about almost anything, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. But once you see past those, you will notice Trip Advisor is a great free travel app to download offering some valuable reviews.

You can also use this app to write about your own experience straight after an activity, or after trying out some local food.

The Tripadvisor App Free Travel Apps To Download


Uber works a bit like Grab and is one of the most popular taxi apps operating in 560 cities worldwide. Before you order a car, Uber gives you an estimated price and time for the ride. Once ordered you can watch the car on your phone, as a nearby Uber driver picks you up within minutes. Like Grab, it is an awesome free travel app to download and a cheaper option than using local taxis.

The Uber App Free Travel Apps To Download

XE Currency

Just arrived in a new country and want to know the exchange rate? XE is a currency calculator that gives you live currency and foreign exchange rates. It is a very simple and easy to use free travel app. Just put in your local currency and the app will convert it into your currency of choice. XE app also works offline with its last saved conversion rates, so you will always have a good idea of the local exchange rates.

Note:  Money exchange counters will differ from the app, as these will charge a small commission fee on every dollar exchanged.

The XE currency app Free Travel Apps To Download

What are your preferred free travel apps to download? We would love to hear what you guys are using and which free travel apps you would recommend while on the road.

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Man with Ipad Free Travel Apps To Use

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