Bohemian Paradise – Cesky Raj – A Day Trip From Prague

After spending a few days exploring Prague’s well preserved medieval history-rich city, it was time for us to check out what the Czech countryside had in store. And what better place is there than a day trip from Prague, hiking through the Bohemian Paradise.

Bohemian Paradise, also known as Cesky Raj in Czech, is the oldest protected nature reserve in the Czech Republic. An area famous for its towering sandstone rock formations shaped by the elements into unique and curious shapes.

Scattered throughout its dense pine forests you will find caves, valleys, trails, viewpoints, lakes and magnificent medieval stone castles. Making this fairy tale landscape a great destination for hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking.

Bohemian Paradise Cesky Raj Hruba Skala

Hiking Bohemian Paradise

Arriving in Turnov, one of the towns bordering the 182 km² region of Cesky Raj, we caught another train heading south towards a town called Ktova. From here we began hiking the green trail, which brought us to our first stop, Trosky Castle.

Trosky Castle is one of the most picturesque landmarks across the Bohemian Paradise. In the 14th century, the towers of this magnificent medieval castle were built on two volcanic necks and have since inspired poets, artist and photographers alike.

Trosky Castle Bohemian Paradise Cesky raj
Trosky Castle Bohemian Paradise Cesky raj

For 80 CZK each (3.40 $) we explored inside the castle and climbed its two towers to enjoy the stunning views of Cesky Raj in all directions.

Making our way back down the hill to the trails, only this time we were going to take the red trail. The green sign seemed to be pointing us back towards the way we came. A little confused, we asked one of the guys working there who also told us to take the red trail.

In total it was another 14 km to Turnov and 7 km to our next stop. Along the 7 km trail, we passed by a small calm country village surrounded by green meadows as far as you could see.

This is where you will want to stop and look back. Behind you is an incredible image of the Trosky Castle towering high above.

A House Bohemian Paradise Cesky raj
Alina Hiking Bohemian Paradise Cesky raj

Further on we continued through the forest passing by a green lake and eventually to our next stop, Hruba Skala Chateau. A Renaissance chateau in the Bohemian Paradise built on a steep sandstone cliff, where once stood an old medieval castle.

Here we were expecting to find the large cluster of sandstone rock formations we saw in photos. Turns out it wasn’t, but it was still a nice viewpoint with a handful of rock formations.

A short distance away we took the yellow trail to Marianska vyhlidka viewpoint. One of the most popular in Cesky Raj. It’s known to offer the best panorama photo of Hruba Skala’s Bohemian Paradise, including the chateau and Trosky Castle in view.

Marianska vyhlidka Bohemian Paradise Cesky raj

You can actually find two viewpoints at the Marianska vyhlidka location. If you follow the yellow trail slightly to the left, you will come to another viewpoint. Without any barriers, you can step out and stand on top of these sandstone formations.

Even though these were beautiful viewpoints, they still weren’t the ones we were hoping to see. Not knowing where the yellow trail leads to and running out of time, we made our way back and rejoined the red trail.

 Rock Formations Bohemian Paradise Cesky raj

Halfway between Marianska vyhlidka and Turnov we stumbled across another view. And there it was, vyhlidka na kapelu viewpoint, the one we were hoping to see. A towering cluster of sandstones rock formation.

We spent a bit of time here watching the rock climbers scaling up and down the rocks, before making our way back to Turnov to catch the train.

How To Get To Bohemian Paradise

Bohemian Paradise (Cesky Raj) is located 100 km from Prague and takes just under two hours to reach by train. You can take the train from Prague’s main railway station (Hlavni nadrazi) to the city Turnov. From Turnov, change trains to Ktova where the hike begins towards Trosky Castle.

If you want to skip Trosky Castle and would only like to see Hruba Skala rock formations, you should then get off at the Hruba Skala train station, two stops before Ktova. From Hruba Skala train station, walk 2.2 km to Marianska vyhlidka viewpoint (which can be found on google maps).

You can book your ticket and check train times to Ktova and back to Prague on So no need to go to the train station to book your tickets. Tickets cost us 266 CZK (11.20$) return per person.

Our Tips

When you follow the trails keep an eye out for the colour of the trail you are taking marked in paint on trees, walls, lamppost etc.

The paint markings of the trail you are following will have white paint above and below the marking. For example, we were following the red trail and came across other red markings without white paint above and below the red paint. We followed this trail for a short time and it turned out to be the old red trail.

Download a map of the area if you can and find out what you would like to see beforehand. The Bohemian Paradise is a large area and it can take a couple of days to explore it all.

In total, we hiked 16 km, so take plenty of water and a packed lunch. There are places you can stop along the way in Cesky Raj for food if you like.

Would you be interested in a day trip from Prague to visit Bohemian Paradise (Cesky Raj)? If you have already been, were you impressed with this region of the Czech countryside as much as we were? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below.

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Bohemian Paradise Cesky raj A Day Trip Outside Of Prague

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14 thoughts on “Bohemian Paradise – Cesky Raj – A Day Trip From Prague”

  1. Hi guys,
    I know it’s late for that bu my friend and I just found your awesome website, we’re in the end of our 1 week Prague trip from France and we were looking for a 1 day hiking this Friday (2 days from now) solution in the Bohemian paradise.

    We can be at Hrubá Skála by 9h34 but the catch is we have to take the return at 16h15 (Hrubá Skála again).
    It means we’ll have around 9h for hiking arount this place. Do you think it’s feasible ?

    Thanks a lot !

    1. Hi Sylvain, well I guess this is a bit late also getting back to you. We were away from the whole blogging world for a while but we are back now with a new vision for our blog. I hope you had a good time in Prague and our blog post helped you to find your answer in the end.

      Paul and Alina

  2. Hi! I’m currently planning a trip to Prague and this has been really useful! Would just like to check how long it took for you guys to complete the entire 16km hike?? Thank you!

    1. Hi Derek, Well we are guessing you found the answer to your question? But to answer your question tho, it took us about 6 hours, this was with stops for photos, lunch, and sightseeing.

      Sorry for not being able to get back to at the time of your comment. We took time away from blogging, because you now, life and all that. We do hope you had a good time and our post was helpful.

  3. hello Paul & Alina !
    thank you for the information.
    do you have a photo or a website map to see the trails that you taik about in this hike? for a better understanding of the way (:
    and if we planning to rent a car for two days, do you recommend to leave the car in Ktova and take a taxi back in the end?
    and last question- do you have recommendation for a nice village in the area to spent the night?
    thank you,

  4. Hi … we are going to Prague in the third week of October.
    1. Is it good weather then to go to Cesky Raj?
    2. Can you suggest an easy to medium hike to do with a 9 yr old that takes about 2 hours ?


    1. Hi TNair, sorry about the late reply. We have been off the radar for the last few weeks. Yes, the weather should be fine around that time of the year for a small hike with the temperature still reaching double figures but do make sure you have warm clothes with you and rain gear. If it’s just a small hike you are after, we suggest taking the train from Turnov to Karlovice-Sedmihorky train station which is the first stop on the way towards Ktova. From there it’s less than a 1 km walk to Cesky Raj and the Hruboskalsko area within Cesky Raj where you will find the standing rock formations and other features. You might consider giving yourself a little longer than two hours though, once you’re in the park this hike is pretty easy and would be really enjoyable for a nine year old to enjoy and to explore. Once again sorry for the delayed reply. Hope you have a great time in the Czech Republic.

  5. “In total, we hiked 16 km,” – it’s a little too much for meverything and my friend .. is there a place to stop in the middle and take a train back to turnov ?

    1. Hey Orel, if you are taking the green trail from Ktova, you can stop at the Hruba Skala Chateau and walk another 2.2 km towards the Hruba Skala train station. From there, you will be able to catch the train to Turnov and then back to Prague. In total, this route is around 11Km. The hiking in Bohemian Paradise is pretty easy, the hardest part of the hike is to Trosky Castle. After that, it’s mostly flat or down hill and hopefully not too difficult or long for you guys 🙂

  6. From the begining of thr green trail in Katova , how long is it takes to the Trosky Castle [by k”m] ?
    i wamt to do this trip , but im worry i wont make it by time to the last train from Turnov/Katova to Prague … i would like to hear your opinion !! 🙂

    1. Hi orel, it is only 2KM from Ktova to Trosky Castle. In total the whole hike is 16km. If you catch the 08:38 from Prague, then you should have lots of time to catch the 18:04 train from Turnov. There are also two trains leaving around 20:00 if the 18:04 train is too early for you or doesn’t give you enough time to get back to Turnov. If you like, you can check on the link here to check all times. Hope this helps 🙂

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