6 Of The Best Day Trips From Prague – Exploring The Czech Republic

Do you like exploring smaller medieval towns, getting a real feel for history, or hiking through beautiful national parks? Then you made the right decision travelling to the Czech Republic and exploring the country with some of the best day trips from Prague.

Prague is a popular destination for a city getaway and not many people set foot outside the Czech capital. Which comes as no surprise to us as you can easily fall in love with this fairytale city. Nevertheless, if you have some spare time on your hands we highly recommend taking a few day trips from our guide of the best day trips from Prague, getting to know more about the Czech Republic.

Prague's Old Town Square Best Day Trips From Prague

On our trip to Prague last year, we only planned on staying for three days to see the main sights of the city. After we did more and more research we found so many interesting things to do around Prague that we extended for a whole week. And to be honest, we could have stayed an extra few days on top of that.

If you would like to spend only a day or two exploring the city and more time on your day trips, then we suggest you read our guide on 24 Hours In Prague. Here we’ll walk you through the main sights, including a price breakdown.

Now let’s begin with our guide on the best day trips from Prague and discover the cities surrounding history.


Day Trips From Prague


Explore The Bohemian Paradise (Cesky Raj)

If you’re someone who loves to explore the outdoors, take some time away from Prague’s beautiful medieval city and explore the hiking trails of Bohemian Paradise.

Located in the northeast, Bohemian Paradise is only a two-hour train drive from Prague. Known as Cesky Raj by locals and declared as a UNESCO Geopark back in 2005, Bohemian Paradise is also one of the oldest protected nature reserves in the Czech Republic.

Throughout its 182² kilometres, you can explore the parks hiking trails and discover its true natural beauty. Along the trails, you’ll find yourself lost among its dense pine forest stumbling upon impressive medieval castles, viewpoints and rock formations.

Bohemian Paradise Hruba Skala Chalet Best Day Trips From Prague
Sandstone Rock Formations Bohemian Paradise Best Day Trips From Prague

These huge 60m sandstone rock formations are one of the parks main attractions, carved into all sorts of shapes by mother nature. If you’re someone who loves rock climbing, we suggest taking advantage of these formations for your own unique viewpoint.

We definitely recommend visiting here as it was one of our best day trips from Prague. To find out more about how to get here, check out our post on Hiking Bohemian Paradise were we take you on a 16km hike across the park.


Kutna Hora – Home To The Church Of Bones

Kunta Hora is one of the easiest day trips from Prague as it’s only 83 kilometres east and takes one hour to reach by train.

Once a booming mining town during the middle ages Kutna Hora was known across the lands as the city of silver. People from all over would come in search of riches and wealth.

The city became the second most important city in the Czech Republic after Prague up until the Hussite War. During the war, thousands were killed and the city was set alight, not just once but twice.

Thanks to Kutna Hora’s place in history and amazing architectural buildings, it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And rightly so. Kutna Hora is home to the stunning St. Barbara’s Cathedral and the famous Sedlec Ossuary (The Church Of Bones).

St Barbara's Cathedral Kutna Hora Best Day Trips From Prague

What’s so famous about the Sedlec Ossuary? Well, inside you will find the remains of 40,000 human bones decorated into shapes from an altar to chandeliers.

To find out more, check out our post on Things To Do In Kutna Hora. Here you will find a more in-depth post on the Sedlec Ossuary, getting there, costs, and other things to do.

Sedlec Ossuary Kutna Hora Best Day Trips From Prague


Terezin Concentration Camp

Terezin Concentration Camp is part of a major historical time in modern history and we feel it’s a must-see. If you’re someone who loves to explore history while stepping back into the 1940’s, then Terezin will be one of your best day trips from Prague to take.

Originally built in 1780 as a fortress to protect the city of Prague, Terezin was transformed into a Jewish ghetto by the Nazi’s during World War II. Over 140,000 Jews from all over Europe entered through Terezin’s gates, with over half ending up in Auschwitz death camp.

Although, Terezin Concentration Camp was not an extermination camp but rather a transit camp where up to 38,000 people died from diseases and ill-treatment.

Terezin Concentration Camp Best Day Trips From Prague
Beds In Terezin Concentration Camp Best Day Trips From Prague

Terezin is made up of a Small Fortress and Large Fortress. Inside the Small Fortress, you can explore around courtyards, rooms and learn about the history of the prisoners through photos. There is also a long narrow 15 min tunnel we recommend taking which sits under a large moat surrounding the Fortress.

The Large Fortress which is now a small town is home to the Ghetto Museum and Magdeburg Barracks. A highlight of the Museum is the paintings on the wall from the children during those times.

Even though the town in the Large Fortress is now a residential area, it still gives off an eerie feeling. We were there on a Saturday afternoon and there was hardly a soul in the place besides tourists. Compared to other small towns, parts of Terezin in our opinion still feels like it’s stuck in the 1940’s.

Terezin Best Day Trips From Prague


Ticket Prices

Small Fortress + Ghetto Museum – 180 CZK (9$)

Small Fortress + Ghetto Museum + Magdeburg Barracks – 220 CZK (11$)


Getting To Terezin From Prague

Terezin Concentration Camp is an hour drive north of Prague and easy to reach from Prague’s Ňádraží Holešovice bus station. Buses leave from Prague Monday to Friday at 8, 9, 10 AM. On Saturdays from 9.30 and 10.30 AM and Sundays at 9.30 AM.

Returning from Terezin U Památníku buses leave Monday to Friday at 14.07, 15.07, 16.37 and 17.37. Saturdays at 13.07 and 15.07. And on Sundays at 13.07 and 16.37.

You can also check this bus timetable here valid until 8.12.2018. Bus tickets cost 85 CZK (4$) each way. You can purchase the bus tickets from the driver on the day, so no need to book online.


Cesky Krumlov

Located 180 km south of Prague, Cesky Krumlov is Czechs Republic second gem after the capital. Also known as the smaller version of Prague, this charming town has a lot to offer. Showing off with its impressive old town, medieval architecture, fairytale cobblestone lanes and the dominating Krumlov Castle. It’s no wonder why the town became a UNESCO Wolrd Heritage Site in 1990.

While this is highly recommended as a great day trip from Prague, it is also a very long one. Prepare yourself for a 6-hour return journey.

Cesky Krumlov Best Day Trips From Prague


Getting To Cesky Krumlov From Prague

You can get to Cesky Krumlov either by bus or train. Going by bus you can choose Meinfernbus or Regio Jet which you can book online for 15-18USD return.

If you decide to go by train, take note, you are not able to return the same day as the last train to Prague leaves at 2 PM. You can always book your day trip there by train from Prague’s hlavní nádraží and take the bus back to Prague. Train tickets start at 189 CZK (10$) one way.


Bohemian Switzerland National Park

Bohemian Switzerland National Park is 130 km north of Prague and is an infamous national park shared by two countries, Czech Republic and Germany.

The main attractions of the park are the towering rock formations with Pravčická brána a naturally formed sandstone gate being the icon of the national park.

Many hiking trails lead through the lush green forest were you can witness a diversity of rare plants and animals, stunning canyons, rivers, tiny villages and lookouts with unforgettable views. This is definitely a nature lovers paradise!

Bohemian Switzerland Best Day Trips From Prague


Getting To Bohemian Switzerland From Prague

To get here by public transport you have to take the train from Prague’s hlavní nádraží to the town of Dečin. From Dečin you can take bus number 434 to Hřensko or Mezni Louka. The bus station is right in front of the train station. Train tickets start at 258 CZK (13$) return. In total, the journey from Prague to Dečin takes 1.5-2 hours depending on which train you take.


Melnik – Recommended By Locals

About an hour north of the capital lies a small but very cute town, Melnik. You can see Melnik as one of the more pleasant day trips from Prague or a quick break from the bustling streets of the capital. There’s not really an awful lot to do in Melnik, except to truly enjoy the beauty of the town.

Wander around the historic old town, order some delicious local food, visit the Crypt of St. Peter and Paul’s Church, home to skeletons of more than 10,000 people, or sample some of the local wines as Melnik lies in the winemaking region of Bohemia.

We haven’t visited Melnik ourselves, but it was highly recommended by our hosts from our Airbnb.

Speaking of Airbnb, get up to 35€ of your next booking using our Airbnb link.


Getting To Melnik From Prague

To get to Melnik, take a one-hour train ride from Prague’s hlavní nádraží station for 150 CZK (8$) return.

Note: you can book all your tickets online on Czech Republic’s official website for train tickets at cd.cz.

We hope you find our guide to the best day trips from Prague helpful in planning your next trip to the Czech Republic. Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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Best Day Trips From Prague

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