6 Must Visit Beaches On Koh Lanta, Thailand

We must say we weren’t blooown away by the beaches on Koh Lanta. We didn’t feel they gave us that WOW factor like the beaches on Koh Tao or Koh Lipe in Thailand did. Although don’t get us wrong, Koh Lanta still does have some pretty beaches worth visiting and chilling out on.

Plus the island itself is definitely worth a visit. Unlike other areas in the Krabi region, Koh Lanta is not so popular amongst travellers, leaving huge chunks of the beaches to yourself.

If you are looking for some time to yourself then the beaches on Koh Lanta are just the place for you to kick back and relax on. Oh and not to forget, the people here are the friendliest we have met across Thailand.

We spent a week here in February exploring every beach on the island. For us, out of all the beaches on Koh Lanta, our favourite ones were definitely in the south of the island. The further south you go the smaller and prettier the beaches became. Whereas the beaches in the north are all long, housing most of the resorts.

Below we have put our list of six different beaches on Koh Lanta from north to south worth checking out.

Beaches On Koh Lanta You Must Visit

Klong Dao – The Surprise

Located in the far north is Klong Dao Beach, one of the longest beaches on Koh Lanta. On this beach, you will find everything you need. Along with neighbouring Long Beach, Klong Dao is one of the most popular beaches for resorts, bars, restaurants and more.

Even though it might sound quite busy, it is actually not. All the resorts are nicely spread out across the beachfront, giving the beach a nice spacious feel. Even during high season.

Beaches On Koh Lanta Thailand Klong Dao Beach

What we really liked about Klong Dao was the super soft sand. By no doubt, the sand on this beach is the softest on Koh Lanta. During low tide, the whole beach opens up wide, making it perfect for beach games or training.

Klong Khong Beach – The Rocky Beach

Klong Khong beach is situated in the centre on the west coast and is where we stayed on Koh Lanta. And to be honest, it’s one of the reasons it makes our list.

Klong Khong belongs to the longest beaches on Koh Lanta with a few resorts and reggae bars spread along the beachfront. The beach itself is very rocky especially during low tide and is not very suitable for swimming.

So why are we mentioning this beach?

Well, it’s got more do to with where to stay on Koh Lanta. Klong Khong is one of the cheapest areas on Koh Lanta to find accommodation only metres away from the beach. Being central, it is the perfect location to begin your day exploring either the north or south of Koh Lanta.

Not to mention, the rocky beach actually makes for a killer sunset photo.

Beaches On Koh Lanta Thailand Klong Khong Beach

Tip: At the very south of the beach is the 6ixcret Bar & Restaurant. You won’t find many people here as it’s located far from the resorts. The staff is super friendly and the bar has an extremely chill-out vibe.

Klong Nin Beach – The Fancy Area

Although you can still find budget rooms in this area, Klong Nin Beach is one of the more fancier beaches on Koh Lanta, located in the middle of the island.

Many 4 and 5 star resorts have settled down here as the white soft sand and crystal clear water making it a dream destination for holiday goers.

Beaches On Koh Lanta Thailand Klong Nin Beach

Klong Nin Beach is a great spot to spend a few hours relaxing either by the beach or by the pool in one of the resorts. We suggest checking out Srilanta Resort.

Tip: At the very south of the beach is a little cave tunnel that you can walk through. On the other side are steps to an unfinished resort that you can climb up and have great views of Klong Nin Beach.

Kantiang Beach – Last Hub For Facilities

Kantiang Beach is located towards the southern tip of Koh Lanta and is the last stop for shops, bars, restaurants and cafes.

You can enter the beach walking through the back side of the infamous Why Not Bar which is one of only two bars on this beach.

Kantiang beach is probably one of the prettiest beaches on Koh Lanta. Soft white sand, crystal clear water and the mountainous backdrop behind the road making for a spectacular scenery.

Beaches On Koh Lanta Thailand Kantiang Beach
Beaches On Koh Lanta Thailand Kantiang Beach

Nui Beach – Our Favourite

How does just a beach and a bar sound to you? Or how about no constructions, no resorts, no souvenir shops, no hustle n bustle? Thought so! That’s why Nui Bay is our favourite beach on Koh Lanta.

Nui Bay is one of the three beaches on Koh Lanta that are situated in the most southern tip of the island. Which is also the most undeveloped part of Koh Lanta.

Beaches On Koh Lanta Thailand Nui Beach

The sand here is super soft and the water super clear. Sunbathing on this almost untouched beach surrounded by lush green cliffs will give you a true island feeling.

Nui Bay’s only bar on the beach serves drinks, food and plays some good music.

Klong Jark Beach – Jelly Fish Lantern

We would say Klong Jark Bay also belongs to the most beautiful beaches on Koh Lanta.

Like we mention above the further south you go the prettier the beaches on Koh Lanta get. And to this, Klong Jark is no exception.

Beaches On Koh Lanta Thailand Klong Jark Beach

Klong Jark reminds us of our favourite beach, Nui Bay with all of the same beauty. The soft sand, clear water and lush green background. The only difference between these two beaches is that Klong Jark Beach is a lot longer.

To the far north of the beach is a cool bar with huge jellyfish lanterns flying out front. Here you can rent kayaks and kayak along the coast towards neighbouring Nui Beach or Bamboo Bay.

Have you been to Koh Lanta? Do you have a favourite beach here that made our list of must-visit beaches on Koh Lanta? Share with us in the comments below.

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