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Hey! Welcome to Daily Cup Of Travel. Thanks for stopping by to explore our site and to learn more about us.

We are Paul and Alina, a fun-loving, adventure-seeking, Irish and German travelling couple. In February 2014, we met in beautiful Thailand and decided that travelling and being free was the life we wanted to live.

So How Did It All Start?

Well, it all started back in 2014 in a small little town in northern Thailand called Pai. Paul was helping out in a hostel, after about a year and a half of solo travelling through most of Southeast Asia, Canada, and some of Central America. While Alina had just arrived in Pai during her second month of five travelling through Asia.

Spending a week together in Pai and Alina finally coming to grips with the Irish accent, we had to separate. Alina went on to travel Laos and Vietnam, while Paul decided he was going down south to Koh Tao.

travel couple at the hot springs in PaiChilling at the hot springs in Pai 

Thinking this was goodbye for good, we still kept in touch through Facebook every day. During those weeks, we learned more and more about each other. Before we knew it, Alina had ditched her last 8 weeks of travel plans and booked a flight back to Thailand.

Since then we have spent nearly every day together, working and travelling the world as partners, and as best friends.

What Happened Next?

After spending the next two months on Koh Tao, scuba diving, hiking, and snorkelling, we were just loving life.

Unfortunately, Alina had to go back home due to having a contract with her current employer at the time. At this stage, Paul had already quit his job in the army, so we both decided to give it a go in Germany.

Beautiful sunset on a beach in Koh Tao Our last day on Koh Tao

In August of 2014 after a few weeks spent at home, Paul moved over to Germany. With only a small amount of savings left from travelling and no German, he moved into a two bedroom apartment with Alina and her mom.

Living back in Europe for a month or two, Paul had found a job in a showroom and was learning German. Although things were starting to fall into place, we just knew something didn’t feel right. We were spending 11 to 13 hours a day getting to work and back and just living for the weekend. After travelling for almost two and a half years between us at that stage, we both knew there was more to life than dedicating 50+ hours a week for work. 

travel couple standing beside cliffsVisiting Irelands Cliffs of Moher while back in Europe

So one Friday evening coming home exhausted, we knew this wasn’t the life we wanted to live. Spending more time with our colleagues in work than on our personal lives, for a 2-3 week holiday a year. No thanks. We wanted more than that. We wanted to see more of the world and wanted to turn our passion for travelling into a lifestyle.

As everything goes, things weren’t as simple as just packing our bags and jumping on the next flight. We had to stay in Germany for another 7 months until Alina’s contract was up. That meant, for those next 7 months we put our heads down, saved up every penny we could and left Germany with no plan for the future.

Ok, We Had A Small Plan.

And that was to go on a road trip through the Rocky Mountains and drive the Icefields Parkway. Paul had been to Canada before and was so impressed with its beautiful landscapes and unspoiled nature, making it easier for us to decide where our first destination together would be.

man beside a car Georgy, our new car for our road trip (no, my top didn’t come with the car) 🙂

Landing in Vancouver, we bought our car on the very same day and headed east to the Okanagan Valley. Paul had made some really close friends here on his previous trip.

The next few weeks were spent in the beautiful Okanagan, exploring the area and having a great time with friends, before setting off on a two-week road trip through the Rockies.

travel woman looking at the rockiesAlina enjoying the view of the Rockies

We left Canada for Southeast Asia to visit some of the countries that we hadn’t yet seen together. During that time, we would go trekking through Myanmar, watch wild Orangutans in the jungles of Borneo, and scuba dive with sharks around the beautiful Island of Sipadan.

Orangutang in a treeWatching wild Orangutans in Borneo

At this stage, our bank accounts started to look a little low and with no regular income, we decided to go back to Thailand.

We found a hostel where we started working and helping out. This way, we were able to save some money to keep living this nomadic lifestyle. We ended up staying for almost two months before flying out to Sulawesi, one of the least travelled parts of Indonesia.

This is where the idea of starting our own travel blog came alive. We were reading a lot about other travel bloggers, and how they managed to stay on the road with no regular 9-5 job. Hearing their stories got us really excited and motivated to start our very own travel blog.

And so, Daily Cup Of Travel was born.

What’s next?

We want to work hard building our new digital nomadic lifestyle while travelling and visiting as many countries as possible. We want to show you guys that life is not meant to be lived in one place.

Through our stories, photos, experiences and travel tips, we hope to inspire you to see the world and to follow your dreams.

two people smiling on a beachFreedom beach Koh Tao

Hope you guys enjoyed reading our story. Maybe one day we will catch up on the road somewhere. Until then, don’t forget to follow us on our social media accounts: FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Much love,

Paul & Alina 🙂

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