A Journey Through Myanmar In 21 Photos

Although we didn’t fall in love with Myanmar, we still always encourage others to go and see this photogenic land for themselves. Pretty much every traveller we met was very enthusiastic about their journey through Myanmar. Perhaps, it just wasn’t meant for us at that time.

Myanmar Countyside - journey through myanmar

Despite the reasons we already mentioned in our recent post, we found Myanmar to be very captivating. Everywhere we looked, turned or stepped, we would find something new to be photographed.

At times travelling through Myanmar felt like travelling back in time. Locals living without electricity, cows and horses still used as transport and harvesting went on without the use of machines.

Capturing the locals in their daily lives, finding ourselves in between temples in Bagan lost in history and trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake was a lot of fun and a really enjoyable experience.

In this post, we will take you on our journey through Myanmar in 21 amazing photos and hope to inspire you to one day do the same.

Photo Journey Through Myanmar

Local Market In-Between The Train Tracks

Women Selling Friut - Journey Through Myanmar

Sunrise Over The Temples Of Bagan

Sunset Bagan - Journey Through Myanmar

A Young Monk Having Fun

Child Monk Journey Through Myanmar

Straw House On Inle Lake

Strew Hut Inle Lake - Journey Through Myanmar

Hiking Through The Countryside

Hiking in Myanmar - Journey Through Myanmar

Burmese Woman Waiting On Her Children

Myanmar Woman - Journey Through Myanmar

Sunflower Field

Sunflower field - Journey through Myanmar

One Of Many Temples In Bagan

Temple Bagan - Journey Through Myanmar

A Bullock Cart

Water Buffalo Cart - Journey Through Myanmar

Monks At The Shwedagon Pagoda In Yangon

3 Monks at the Shwedagan Pagoda - Journey Through Myanmar

The Vast Plains Of Bagan

Alina On A Pagoda - Journey Through Myanmar

Burmese Man Washing His Bull And Cart

Burmese Man Washing His Bull - Journey Through Myanmar

Young Monks Playing A Game

Monks Playing - Journey Through Myanamr

Hot Air Balloons Over Bagan

Hot Air Balloons Bagan - Journey Through Myanmar

Burmese Women Working In The Chilli Fields

Woman Picking Chilies - Journey Through Myanmar

A Burmese Man And His Bull Harvesting Sugar Cane

Cow and Cart With Sugar Cane - Journey Through Myanmar

Burmese Woman Canoeing

Woman In wooden Boat - Journey Through Myanmar

Ananda Pagoda In Bagan

Pagoda Bagan - Journey Through myanmar

Exploring Bagan

Paul On a Pagoda - Journey Through Myanmar

Burmese Woman Sorting Through Chillies

Myanmar Woman Sorting Chilies - Journey Through Myanmar

Majestic Sunset In Bagan

Sunset In Bagan - Journey Through Myanmar

We hope you enjoyed our photo journey through Myanmar and it inspires you to one day visit this photogenic land. Have you been to Myanmar before and do you feel there is a photo to be snapped at every corner? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below.

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House and Cart On A Busy Street - Journey Through Myanmar

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