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27 Stunning Photos To Inspire You To Go To Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is probably one of the best regions in the world to begin your travel adventure. Not only is it one of the cheapest destinations, it's also extremely safe and really easy to travel around, either by land, boat or air. This part of the world attracts millions of travellers each year with its impressive diversity in culture, religion and history.

No matter what it is you travel for or look for whilst travelling, you will be sure to find it throughout these lands. There is so much on offer from island hopping around Thailand, stepping back in time in Myanmar, visiting the largest religious monuments in the world in Cambodia, strolling through Malaysia's Unesco World Heritage of Penang, driving motorbikes through Vietnam, chilling out in spectacular waterfalls in Laos, or staying on some of the remote islands of Indonesia.

It is no wonder Southeast Asia has become a popular destination for backpackers around the globe. It truly does have it all.

Southeast Asia consists of eleven wonderful countries and we have been lucky enough to have visited eight of them. To encourage you to one day do the same, we have put together this inspiring photo gallery below.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat Cambodia Southeast Asia


Shark Bay Koh Tao, Thailand


Petronas Towers Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia


Mountains of Northern Thailand

Pai Thailand Southeast Asia


Monks in Cambodia


Local Market Rantepao, Indonesia


Biking Through Vietnam


Sipadan Borneo, Malaysia


Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Sugarcane Harvest, Myanmar


Northern Laos


Sunset Koh Lipe, Thailand


Street Art Penang, Malaysia


Kuang Si Falls Luang Prabang, Laos


Rice Fields, Laos


Ayutthaya, Thailand


Bagan Temples, Myanmar


Koh Rong, Cambodia


Trekking through Myanmar


Kete Kesu Village Rantepao Sulawesi

Kete Kesu Village Rantepao Sulawesi Southeast Asia


Canyoning in Vietnam


Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Shwedagon Pagoda Yangon, Myanmar


Malenge, Indonesia


Wat Mahathat Ayutthaya, Thailand


Halong Bay, Vietnam


Rantepao, Indonesia


We hope this photo gallery of Southeast Asia inspires to one day visit this wonderful destination. If you have already been to this part of the world, which was your favourite country and why? Share with us in the comments below, we would love to hear what you think.

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2 thoughts on “27 Stunning Photos To Inspire You To Go To Southeast Asia”

  1. OMG, Mr Bean in Malaysia! That street art is awesome. I left a couple years ago with the intention of traveling in SEA indefinitely but had to return home early. I’m now working hard to get back to doing that again and I can’t wait. Your pictures are lovely!

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