24 Hours In Prague, Czech Republic – Including Price Breakdown

We couldn’t get enough of Prague’s fairytale city. Having planned on staying for only three days, we ended up spending a week here. We spent our time exploring the cities old cobbled streets, visiting gothic styled buildings and taking day trips from Prague to the Bohemian Paradise, Kutna Hora and the Terezin Concentration Camp. But if for whatever reason, you find yourself with only 24 hours in Prague, here is the perfect itinerary to guide you through your day.

In this post, we will show you the best way to spend 24 hours in Prague. Exploring medieval castles, viewpoints, ancient clocks and enjoying this wonderful city without exhausting yourself trying to fit everything in.

Old Town Square

The best place to begin your 24 hours in Prague is from the historical square in the Old Town Quarter. Being one of Europes most beautiful squares, you will find yourself surrounded by dazzling architectural structures dating back to the 14th century. Two of the most eye-catching buildings are the elegant Town Hall and the old gothic style Tyn Cathedral.

Another big highlight of the square is the famous astronomical clock. The world’s third oldest astronomical clock and the oldest still in operation today. We must admit, this attraction is a little overhyped, but considering it was built back in 1410, this masterpiece is definitely worth seeing in action.

On the chime of every hour, death will strike a drum while the Twelve Apostles make an appearance on a rotating platform.

Cost: free

Astronomical Clock 24 Hours In Prague
Astronomical clock

Take A Walk Along Charles Bridge

A short 10-minute walk from Prague’s Old Town Square will land you upon Charles Bridge. Built in 1357 over the river Vltava, this old gothic style stone bridge connects Old Town and Mala Strana district. Lined along the bridge, you will find 30 baroque statues representing numerous saints and patron saints. They say touching the statue of St. John of Nepomuk will bring you luck.

Cost: free

Charles Bridge 24 Hours In Prague

Climb The Towers Of Charles Bridge

On either end of the bridge, there are two gothic style towers, Staroměstská věž (Old Tow Bridge Tower) and Malostranská věž (Mala Strana Bridge Tower). Climb either of these towers for a bird’s eye view of the 516 meters long bridge.

Cost: 100 CZK / 4.30 $

Note: If it’s necessary to see Charles Bridge without the huge crowds, you should arrive no later than 8 am.

Charles Bridge Tower 24 Hours In Prague

Take a Photo At The John Lennon Wall

During your 24 hours in Prague, be sure to make a quick stop for a photo and to admire the art on the John Lennon Wall in Kampa.

After his death in the 1980’s, John Lennon became a pacifist hero to many young Czechs. Students began writing his lyrics on the wall to show their grievances and the wall became a symbol of resistance against the communist government.

Despite efforts to repaint over the wall, on the next day it would be full again with lyrics and poems. Today the wall stands for liberal idea’s, love and peace.

Tourists can add their own contribution, so be sure to bring a pen. What will your message be to Prague?

Cost: free

John Lennon Wall 24 Hours In Prague

Climb Petřín Lookout Tower

Located at the top of Prague’s biggest and most stunning park, is the city’s inspired version of the Eifel Tower. Standing at a height of 63.5 meters on top of the parks 327 meters summit, the Petřín Tower equals the elevation of the Eifel Tower.

Climb up its 299 steps to the top for a beautiful panoramic view of the city. This is definitely the perfect way to see Prague and the surrounding area while spending 24 hours in Prague.

Climbing the hill of the park can be a little taxing for some. If you don’t feel like taking a short hike, you can catch the funicular at the bottom of the parks hill for 24 CZK (1$).

Cost: 150 CZK / 6.40 $

Explore Prague’s Castle

If you have only 24 hours in Prague, then you can not leave without exploring the city’s famous castle. This is the largest ancient castle in the world and a symbol of the city, if not the whole of Czech Republic.

The huge complex is like a town inside a city, made up of multiple buildings: Old Royal Palace, The Story Of Prague, Basilica Of St. George, St Vitus Cathedral and Treasury, Picture Gallery, Golden Lane, Powder Tower and Rosenberg Palace.

You can buy tickets to visit all of these sites. We bought a ticket which allowed us to visit four of its main buildings, Golden Lane being our highlight. A small narrow cobbled street made up of tiny houses, which were still occupied up until 1938.

Inside you can explore around the houses and its long narrow hallway running above featuring a torture chamber.

Cost: 250 CZK / 11 $

Note: We suggest exploring the castle a few hours before closing to avoid the crowds. If 250 CZK for a ticket doesn’t fit into your budget during your 24 hours in Prague, you can either buy cheaper individual tickets or enter the grounds and roam around the castle complex for free.

Beer With A Twist

You will find many restaurants throughout Prague serving great beer. But if you are looking for somewhere unique to have a couple of drinks during your 24 hours in Prague, then check out Vytopna Railway Resturant on Wenceslas Square. It has a 400-meter miniature railway with model trains running around the entire restaurant.

What’s the great thing about this? Well, these trains actually deliver your drinks straight to your table in the back of their waggons. Besides the great cheap beer, the restaurant serves good food at a reasonable price.

Cost: train delivery fee 25 CZK / 1 $

1 large beer 32 CZK / 1.40 $

Vytopna Railway Restaurant 24 Hours In Prague

24 Hours In Prague Price Breakdown

Breakfast: Self-made eggs, oats and coffee 42 CZK / $ 1.80

(We always travel with a jar of coffee and a heating coil. A travel tip and an essential travel item saving us a small fortune over the course of a year)

Old Town Square: Free

Charles Bridge: Free

Charles Bridge Tower: 100 CZK / $ 4.30 pp

John Lennon Wall: Free

Late Lunch: Goulash 169 CZK / 7.20 $ pp

Petřín Lookout Tower: 150 CZK / 6.40 $ pp

Prague Castle Ticket: 250 CZK / 10.60 $ pp

Vytopna Railway Resturant: Beer and train delivery fee 57 CZK / 2.40 $

Public Transport: 30 minute ticket 24 CZK / 1 $

Total cost of activites & food: 792 CZK / 33.80 $

Accommodation: Airbnb 400 CZK / $ 17

Total Cost: 1192 CZK / 50.80 $

Have you been to Prague before, do you agree with our list on how to spend 24 hours in Prague? Share with us in the comments below on how you would enjoy spending your 24 hours in Prague.

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24 Hours In Prague Including Price List

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